Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Wow you guys! Thanks for the big welcome. I did not expect to have so many people welcome me to Blogland. It is a wonderful place and I plan on being here for a while. I am still trying to commit to memory how to make a link or how to put up pictures on my blog but I assure you that I will learn quickly.

I must say that I am having difficulty deciding how I should respond to your questions. There are so many questions that I wish to answer but I'm not sure what is the best way. I could place all of my responces to you guys in my comments section or I could email you people or I could leave a comment on your blog. Tell me what is the best way to continue our conversations and I'll make sure to do the right thing. However, for today, I will answer everyone who had a question publicly on this blog. Here goes!

Knitting Pinki asked me if the bright rainbow yarn in the leftover section of my stash was from a manufacturer called Katia. Personally I've never heard of Katia. What I do know is that that yarn (and many other yarns in my stash) were bought in the wonderful streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Why was I down in South America, you ask? That's another post for another day.

Meg asked me where did I purchase the Cascade Pima Tencel from. Well I got that yarn from the big blowout sale that Webs was having on their website back in May. I'm sure they still have some leftover for pretty cheap if not cheaper, but you will have to check for yourself. I loved working with the yarn and I am planning on making a tank top out of the green yarn for myself for Stitches Midwest in August (if I could come up with the money in time to fund the trip!).

Many people commented on my hair story including Noblinknits, Nik, E to the M, and Betty (her blog is completely in Spanish BTW). I appreciate all your comments. As you can tell my hair is a pretty important feature of my body. Not necessarily it's upkeep but what it means to me and how it defines who I am as an individual in this world. Though I loved my fro, it was 6 years old and I like the fact that I can now wear the hats that I knit for fun (I love knitting hats!).

Maluena (a woman living in Barcelona, Spain who is from Argentina) and Gray la Gran (who has traveled alot like myself) commented on my travels through South America. Well just a little synopsis, I went to Argentina 2 years ago and stayed there for 9 months to learn Spanish. During that time I was able to go to Brazil, Peru, and Uruguay. It was one of the best experiences of my life, having to depend on learning a new language for survival, which I eventually did. Thankfully I still speak Spanish pretty well and use it almost everyday. I'm working on Portuguese and hope on learning Italian (because of the food) and French (because it's useful).

So now that you guys know a little bit more about me, here is a little scenario for you to respond to so that I could know a little bit more about you.


You've just won the lottery and instead of winning money you are rewarded with a lifetime supply of whatever type of yarn you desire. The catch is that you are only allowed to knit 1 kind of item for the rest of your life (socks, sweaters, scarves, lace, etc). What would that item be and why?

Happy Knitting!

* No I do not have this pattern book. This picture was placed to keep this post interesting


Saun said...

Good question. If there was only one thing I think it would be sweaters. There is always a use for a good sweater. Hats,mittens, and scarves would get boring for me and I'm not the biggest fan of knitting socks (small needles - ugh).

noblinknits said...

Socks. They can be lacy or simple or exciting or plain. They are small needles so take a long time and you get lots of knitting from them but there is interest to keep you going. I'm glad this is only a scenario though because the thought of only knitting one thing forever would be too much and I think I would have to turn down the free yarn. Is that crazy? Well maybe but I'd get sick soon enough of not having any freedom.

L'Tanya said...

Bon dia! Welcome to the blog world. It's exciting to see that you're planning to learn Portuguese. I spent 2 weeks in Portugal and completely fell in love with the land and the language and plan to learn to speak it as well. I hope you'll write more about your travels.

meg said...

Kelly - thanks so much for replying to me. I didn't know when you said Webs in your initial post you meant that literally. I googled it and found the site. Thank you! I thought you meant just a web sale. oops!

i don't know if i can answer that. i live in texas and its so incredibly hot here that i can't imagine making only sweaters but scarves, hats, socks (no thank you), don't sound like they have an endless appeal. oh the dilemma! if i could do sweaters minus sleeves or short sleeves with cool enough fiber i would maybe go with that. maybe!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Welcome to blogland! Neat that you are learning Portuguese. Though my Filipino ancestry has Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese mixed in it, I am slowly learning Danish so I can chat with my co-workers overseas. Have fun writing!

Sarah said...

I love the Knitter's Stash. Not all the patterns but quite a few are pretty nice.

There is an easy lace shawl in there that is great for a new lace knitter.

I love to knit shawls & lace.